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Post by LikwidAHalo on December 11th 2012, 9:42 am

Play Nice
Let's try to keep this forum to a friendly atmosphere. If you have problems with someone, keep it to PMs -- that means no publicly attacking, insulting, or generally being a jerk to other members.

No swearing or adult content
This kind of falls under the "play nice" rule. In addition, posting adult content is prohibited.

No trolling
This also falls under the "play nice" rule. We don't encourage trolling in any form whatsoever.

No spamming
This should go without saying. Nobody likes spammers.

No flaming
Respect your fellow forum members.

No thread-jacking
Stay on the original topic of threads. If you have something unrelated to say, start a new thread.

No advertising
Advertising is not allowed unless it's discussed with the forum's founder, and an agreement to be made, if not, the topic/post will be deleted and will result in a infraction/ban.

Failure to comply with the forum rules will result in infractions and/or bans.

This thread will be updated when necessary.


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